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How Can I Avoid a Bicycle Accident in Austin?

Get Free Advice by Calling Our Austin Injury Lawyers Today Now that spring has arrived, people are beginning to enjoy the Austin weather from the comfort of their bicycle seats. Austin is home to a large number of cyclists, and city officials are continuing to improve the area to make it more bike friendly. However, the Austin Police Department reported…
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What are the Different Types of Bicycle Accidents in Austin?

Cycling in an increasingly popular method of transportation in Austin, especially for University of Texas students. Depending on where you are cycling in the city, you may have an increased risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Some areas of Austin do not have bike lanes that protect you from traffic. In addition, Austin drivers may violate safety rules…
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What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus and Workers’ Compensation

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, is sweeping across the nation. As a result, businesses, airports and community services have shut down. These shutdowns will hopefully help slow the spread of the virus. Yet, many employees still need to go into work to perform their jobs. Healthcare workers, sanitation workers and utility workers are some jobs that cannot stop during…
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