Hurt in a Construction Accident?

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Our Austin workers compensation lawyer understands how to handle  traditional and non subscriber workers comp claims.When you suffer serious injuries because of a construction site accident, it is not always easy to get a complete picture of your rights. What do you do if your workers compensation claim is denied? What if your employer does not carry Texas workers comp insurance? What if you were hurt because of a third party’s negligence? The advice of an experienced workplace accident lawyer can be key to answering these questions, and to seeking compensation from all available sources — not just the obvious ones.

Since 1978, we have provided honest and competent legal counsel to the injured workers of Austin. Of the 95,000 attorneys in Texas, only 40, including ourselves, stand beside injured workers in workers comp cases. If you have been hurt, call us today at (512) 474-8346 for a free consultation about your case. We are a specialized personal injury law firm in Austin that only takes legitimate cases with a strong chance of recovery.

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At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we have substantial experience representing people injured in construction accidents. These cases can involve a range of issues, including how to seek fair compensation for your injuries if your employer does not carry workers compensation insurance. You may also have a third-party personal injury claim in addition to your workers compensation claims.

We Handle All Workers Compensation Claims

If your employer has workers compensation insurance, the first step is to get your claim for lost wages and medical benefits underway. However, many Texas employers are either uninsured or have an injured employee benefits plan instead of workers compensation insurance. These employers are known as non subscribers.

Our Austin workers compensation lawyer understands how to handle both traditional and non subscriber workers compensation claims, and we can help you recover the maximum fair compensation under the law.

What to Do If Your Employer Was Not At Fault

You will also need to consider the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit against a defendant who is unrelated to your own employer. At construction sites, accidents are frequently caused by the negligence of other subcontractors, materials suppliers, drivers or property owners as well as by defective machinery or tools. In those situations, injured workers can file third-party claims against those responsible in addition to making a workers comp claim.

Our Austin workers compensation attorney is skilled at handling these personal injury cases. Our law firm knows how to develop an effective legal strategy to maximize your fair compensation using both a workers compensation claim and a third-party personal injury lawsuit. We also represent families who have lost loved ones to wrongful death in construction accidents.

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If you have suffered a head injuryback injuries or other serious injuries in a construction accident, you will need every avenue of recovery to help you through a period of disability and time away from work. Contact an experienced Austin workers compensation lawyer at The Law Offices of Aaron Allison for a free consultation about your potential claim.