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Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in Austin Signal a Need for Improved Highway Safety

Several recent motorcycle accidents in Austin involved motorcyclists who fell to their deaths from US 183 or US 290. Additional motorcyclists have suffered critical injuries after falling from these overpasses. Most recently, a 50-year-old motorcyclist was critically injured after falling 25 feet from the US 183 overpass. In April, a 28-year-old motorcyclist fell 100 feet to her death after being…
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Construction Workers Injured in South Austin Crane Accident

Last Wednesday, two workers were injured after a crane toppled over at a South Austin construction site. Dramatic video of the incident shows the crane falling over as it attempted to pick up a heavy concrete wall panel. Multiple workers were seen dashing out of the way as the massive crane tumbled over. One of the workers was later taken…
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Why Have Texas Workers’ Compensation Costs Significantly Dropped?

Texas has many unique and successful businesses, and they all rely on their employees to work hard and stay safe in a protected environment. Workers’ compensation is tool for businesses to provide coverage for their employees in case of injuries on the job. However, workers’ comp can be expensive, and many businesses struggle with keeping up with it financially. Fortunately,…
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