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Can I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Signed a Waiver?

Do you regularly go to the gym or participate in indoor rock-climbing? How about taking the kids to a trampoline park? These are all examples of places in the Austin area that are likely to make you sign liability waivers. Businesses use these waivers to try and protect themselves from being liable for injuries or deaths. Slips and fall hazards,…
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What are the Different Types of Bicycle Accidents in Austin?

Cycling in an increasingly popular method of transportation in Austin, especially for University of Texas students. Depending on where you are cycling in the city, you may have an increased risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Some areas of Austin do not have bike lanes that protect you from traffic. In addition, Austin drivers may violate safety rules…
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Will Austin Strengthen its Distracted Driving Ordinance?

The Austin Public Safety Commission (APSC) recently discussed possible updates to the distracted driving ordinance. APSC could ask Austin City Council to add these updates within the next several months. Three changes to the ordinance are under consideration. No more texting at stop signs or lights. APSC is reviewing whether City Council should revoke this privilege for Austin drivers. Presently,…
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