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How Can You Handle Angry Drivers in Austin?

Road rage is incredibly common in Austin. We have all seen other drivers honk or perform dangerous maneuvers because they are angry at traffic conditions. Road rage is also a cause of car accidents in Austin and across the US. According to a AAA study published last year, angry drivers perform multiple types of dangerous maneuvers that increase the chance…
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Are Austin Motorists Putting School Buses at Risk?

The Austin Police Department has warned motorists to stop for school buses that are unloading or picking up children. Last year, more than 17,000 motorists were ticketed for passing stopped school buses. This is major increase from the 13,000 tickets that were issued during 2016. Motorists are required by law to stop for school buses that are picking up or…
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What is an Occupational Disease?

An occupational disease refers to a chronic health condition that was caused by your employment. Your job duties or work environment could contribute to the development of an occupational disease. Occupational diseases may include: Silicosis: You could develop symptoms of silicosis after being exposed to silica dust for an extended period. Silicosis is lung scarring caused by breathing in silica…
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