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Videos Released Showing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Incidents from Ford Explorers

Do you remember the reports of carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from the use of certain Ford Explorers, including those used by Austin Police Department? Ford came under fire after a series of incidents that left officers hospitalized after breathing in toxic fumes that were being emitted by their vehicles. Now, several videos have been released showing the effects of the…
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5 More Possible Carbon Monoxide Poisonings for APD in One Weekend

The saga of the defective Ford Explorers continues. Between July 7 and July 8 of this year, five more incidents of leaking carbon monoxide in police Explorers were reported. On July 7, a carbon monoxide monitor inside two APD officers’ car started going off intermittently. Both officers continued their work. The monitor went off seven times. When they returned to…
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City of Austin Tries to Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

Although the number of car crashes resulting from drivers who text while driving has increased dramatically in recent years, Texas still remains one out of only four states in the nation without a state-wide ban on texting while driving. However, the City of Austin remains vigilant. Even though Austin Police Department (APD) issued 5,703 tickets for use of electronic devices…
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