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Bounce House Injuries Are Becoming More Common

Are bounce house injuries on the rise? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as the popularity of bounce houses and other inflatables grows, so, too, do the number of serious injuries caused by them. In 2014, in Nashua, New Hampshire, two children aged 3 and 2 years old climbed into an inflatable bounce house. Almost immediately, what should…
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Longview Woman Bitten by Bat at Home Depot Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

A shopper has filed a lawsuit stating that she suffered severe mental anguish and injury after being bitten by a bat at a Home Depot in Longview. The accident happened in January of 2013 while the woman was shopping at a Home Depot store. The woman stated that she was bitten by a bat after she picked up a cinder…
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Texas man dies after allegedly being bitten by dogs

Many households have dogs as pets. In fact, many dogs are considered not as pets but as friends or in some cases members of the family. Other than pets, dogs also serve such roles as companions or house guards. However, because they are animals and have the instincts of an animal, dogs may turn aggressive and attack their owners or,…
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Ross Stores faces premises liability lawsuit in Texas

Many Austin and Travis residents go to Ross Stores because they are hunting for bargains when they shop for apparel. While the company tries to maintain itself as one of the national off-price retailers, Ross Stores Texas and two other defendants are in the middle of a premises liability lawsuit. A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the company after…
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Texas Giant roller coaster operation on hold after rider’s death

The fate of a woman who visited one of Texas’s well known family amusement parks ended in a tragedy. Her sudden death in the Texas Six Flags rollercoaster accident caught the attention of many Austin and Travis residents and those across the U.S. The amusement park boasts of the Texas Giant, but sadly, that rollercoaster was the one involved in…
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