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How Are Victims Represented in a Criminal Drunk Driving Case?

What do you need to do after a drunk driving accident causes you injury? If you are injured by a drunk driver, speak to Austin car accident attorney Aaron Allison. For more information, call (512) 474-8346. Video Transcription: There is restitution programs under criminal law where those have been convicted of crimes must pay restitution to those that they committed…
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Did a Broken Barrier Contribute to the Recent Fatal Accident on Research?

A California family was devastated in November after a car accident on Research Boulevard took the lives of the father, mother and young son. The mother and son died at the scene, while the father was hospitalized and died after being taken off life support. The only survivor, a young girl, survived with non-life-threatening injuries. An investigation found that the…
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Couple Miraculously Survive This Austin Drunk Driving Accident

A man barely survived an Austin drunk driving accident while pumping gas off of South I-35. According to the arrest report, the drunk driver was swerving and accelerating erratically on the I-35 frontage road when he made a sharp turn to avoid the concrete divider. The driver then struck a light pole and smashed into the victim, pinning him against…
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