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What Has Killed More than 30 People in Austin?

Last month, a 22-year-old driver made a left-hand turn and ran over a child carrier being towed behind a parent’s bicycle. A four-year-old and a five-year-old were trapped in the carrier that was pinned underneath the driver’s Jeep. When the driver stepped out of the vehicle, the traumatized parent thought it was to help. Instead, the driver fled the scene…
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Do Seat Belts Really Save Lives?

Austin Auto Accident Attorneys Explain the Benefits The short answer is “yes.” In many cases, seatbelts have been shown to prevent serious injury and death. Nevertheless, despite such an easy and effective safety measure, many drivers still take the risk by driving unbuckled. In fact, earlier this month, a young man in Austin was involved in an early morning one-vehicle…
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Human error is to blame for the majority of car accidents

Driving safely is a top priority for many Austin residents while others take it for granted. Getting distracted or being rushed has caused many drivers to put safety second while behind the wheel. Many people will speed up in the attempts to make a red light or quickly check their phone for any messages while driving down the highway. Whatever…
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Austin police cracking down on aggressive drivers

Austin police are encouraging all drivers to slow down and settle down in attempts to reduce the number of aggressive drivers in the area. After a recent traffic fatality, Austin police are teaming up several surrounding police forces to conduct a sting on aggressive driving in the hopes to reduce the number of traffic fatalities. The city just recorded its…
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Bexar County Auto Accident Kills 1 and Injures 3

A recent head-on collision during mid-afternoon hours near Schertz along Interstate 10 in Texas killed one person and left three others injured. The motor vehicle accident shut down a frontage road along the interstate along an area with an entrance to and exit from the highway. As Austin Car Accident Attorneysknow, such accidents are unfortunately all-too-common here in Texas. According to…
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