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Bicycle Accident Leaves Several Injured; Driver May Have Been Intoxicated

Four bicyclists were biking in the morning of June 10 across the intersection of South Pleasant Valley and Elmont Dr. when a car came barreling through the intersection. Injured people and bike parts were scattered across three blocks of the road. Fortunately, no one was killed. A witness sitting at a traffic light said he saw the white Buick crash…
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Cyclist was Dragged Underneath a Truck in a Hit-and-Run

Last month, a cyclist was hit by a passing truck in East Austin. The driver who hit the cyclist failed to stop and render aid. As though that’s not horrible enough, a police report shows the cyclist became lodged underneath the truck and was dragged along the pavement, losing tissue from her back, hip and leg along the way. By…
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While It’s Hard to Get an Indictment for an Austin Bicycle Accident Fatality, You May Have a Civil Case

A grand jury in an Austin bicycle accident case recently declined to pursue charges against the driver of the car that struck and killed a 16-year-old cyclist this past June. The teen was the 43rd traffic fatality this year – almost twice as many as occurred in Austin from January to June of 2014. Al Bastidas of Please Be Kind to…
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