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How Can I Avoid a Bicycle Accident in Austin?

Get Free Advice by Calling Our Austin Injury Lawyers Today Now that spring has arrived, people are beginning to enjoy the Austin weather from the comfort of their bicycle seats. Austin is home to a large number of cyclists, and city officials are continuing to improve the area to make it more bike friendly. However, the Austin Police Department reported…
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Bicycle Accident Leaves Several Injured; Driver May Have Been Intoxicated

Four bicyclists were biking in the morning of June 10 across the intersection of South Pleasant Valley and Elmont Dr. when a car came barreling through the intersection. Injured people and bike parts were scattered across three blocks of the road. Fortunately, no one was killed. A witness sitting at a traffic light said he saw the white Buick crash…
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Cyclist was Dragged Underneath a Truck in a Hit-and-Run

Last month, a cyclist was hit by a passing truck in East Austin. The driver who hit the cyclist failed to stop and render aid. As though that’s not horrible enough, a police report shows the cyclist became lodged underneath the truck and was dragged along the pavement, losing tissue from her back, hip and leg along the way. By…
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While It’s Hard to Get an Indictment for an Austin Bicycle Accident Fatality, You May Have a Civil Case

A grand jury in an Austin bicycle accident case recently declined to pursue charges against the driver of the car that struck and killed a 16-year-old cyclist this past June. The teen was the 43rd traffic fatality this year – almost twice as many as occurred in Austin from January to June of 2014. Al Bastidas of Please Be Kind to…
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28-Year-Old Cyclist Dies after Flat Tire Causes Her to Fall Into Austin Traffic

On October 29, a cyclist was killed in Austin when she fell from her bicycle and into traffic after her tire blew out. According to the Department of Public Safety, the woman was on a 40-mile bike ride with other cyclists at the time of the fatal accident. Officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety stated that the 28-year-old…
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