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Have Auto Accidents Increased Due to the Pandemic?

Coronavirus has affected the lives of everyone across Texas. Schools and businesses have temporarily closed and many people are working from home. This has caused traffic on our streets to go down, but how has it affected traffic accidents? It may surprise you to learn that Texas still has a problem with auto accident fatalities despite the coronavirus lockdown. Since…
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How Has Coronavirus Affected Bicycling in Austin?

With coronavirus sweeping across the country, many individuals have found themselves stuck at home. This has left some people looking for a way to get the exercise they need while still observing social distancing. Thus, many Austinites have turned to cycling as a solution. However, this has caused a surge in interest for the sport, resulting in a bike shortage….
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What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus and Workers’ Compensation

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, is sweeping across the nation. As a result, businesses, airports and community services have shut down. These shutdowns will hopefully help slow the spread of the virus. Yet, many employees still need to go into work to perform their jobs. Healthcare workers, sanitation workers and utility workers are some jobs that cannot stop during…
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