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Understanding Texting and Driving Laws in Texas

One in five car accidents involve distracted driving, which is any activity, such as texting, that diverts an individual’s attention away from driving. Drivers who text in their vehicles are at a much higher risk for collision than drivers who don’t. Texting while driving increases your chances of a crash by up to 8 to 23 times. In 2014, there were…
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Should cars be equipped with internet in Texas?

One of the most deadly weapons Austin residents can get their hands on is a car. Every year car accidents are responsible for injuring and killing countless Americans. With just one mistake, a 3,000-pound piece of steel can become a lethal weapon. Factors such as reckless, drunk and distracted driving have cost many Americans their lives. In 2010, over 3,000…
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Human error is to blame for the majority of car accidents

Driving safely is a top priority for many Austin residents while others take it for granted. Getting distracted or being rushed has caused many drivers to put safety second while behind the wheel. Many people will speed up in the attempts to make a red light or quickly check their phone for any messages while driving down the highway. Whatever…
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Multi-vehicle accident leaves 1 man dead in Austin

A very large number of car accidents occur due to negligent or careless driving every year in Texas. Unfortunately, the consequences of a car accident are devastating to the victims and their families far too often. A man recently died in a car accident in East Austin, Texas. The two-vehicle accident reportedly closed on which it occurred. According to police, authorities took…
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Not a Party Car: Accidents More Likely When Teens Have Passengers

For young people the greatest risk of injury or death comes from automobile accidents. A recent study conducted by AAA’s safety foundation found that chances of a fatal car accident for teen drivers dramatically increase when other friends are present in the car. This may not come as news to most parents. Safety researchers have also long known that novice drivers are…
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