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Are Hands-Free Devices Safe to Use While Driving?

Texas lawmakers recently passed a statewide anti-texting and driving law. The new law, which went into effect last year on September 1, bans motorists from texting while driving. Motorists who are caught by law enforcement can receive fines that range from $25 to $99. Repeat offenders can receive fines of up to $200. Advocates of the law claim it will…
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Will Austin Strengthen its Distracted Driving Ordinance?

The Austin Public Safety Commission (APSC) recently discussed possible updates to the distracted driving ordinance. APSC could ask Austin City Council to add these updates within the next several months. Three changes to the ordinance are under consideration. No more texting at stop signs or lights. APSC is reviewing whether City Council should revoke this privilege for Austin drivers. Presently,…
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