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Impaired Driving: It’s Not Just About Alcohol

Drunk driving is responsible for one-third of the traffic deaths in the US each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drunk driving kills one person every 51 minutes. In 2015, more than 10,200 people were killed in drunk driving accidents. More than 1,100 of these victims were younger than 14 years old. Drunk driving is…
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Was Uber’s Self-Driving Car Accident Preventable?

In March, a self-driving Uber vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian who was walking her bicycle across the street in a Phoenix suburb. An operator sitting in the driver’s seat failed to take control of the vehicle to avoid the collision. Video footage of the accident shows the operator may have been distracted in the moments before the accident. Uber…
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Can Austin Fix Its Wrong-Way Crash Problem?

We recently published a blog discussing how local authorities are taking steps to prevent drunk driving accidents in Austin. Drunk drivers are far more likely to cause a certain type of accident that is notorious for causing catastrophic injuries and deaths. Statistics published by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) show that a majority of wrong-way crashes in the US…
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Are Austin Motorists Putting School Buses at Risk?

The Austin Police Department has warned motorists to stop for school buses that are unloading or picking up children. Last year, more than 17,000 motorists were ticketed for passing stopped school buses. This is major increase from the 13,000 tickets that were issued during 2016. Motorists are required by law to stop for school buses that are picking up or…
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