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Drunk driving crash kills cyclist in Austin

Unfortunately, many people suffer injuries or pass away as the result of road accidents every year in Texas. A car accident is a common example of such accidents, which can also involve large trucks or motorcycles. Reckless and negligent driving put the lives of innocent people at risk. Recently, a cyclist died in an accident near an intersection in Austin. A car…
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Austin pickup truck crash results in 1 teen’s death, 4 injuries

Some residents of Austin, Texas, likely have witnessed the devastating outcome of accidents caused by heavy vehicles. In some cases, truck drivers do not follow the rules of the road and consequently cause fatal accidents. Take for example a recent pickup truck accident here in Austin. Local police say that officers spotted a pickup driving with its headlights off, which they also…
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High Speed Crashes Are More Severe

Recently, we discussed that the Texas Department of Transportation approved an increase in the speed limit to 80 mph on some local freeways. The TxDOT is now discussing whether to increase the speed limit to 85 mph on a 41-mile section of roadway between San Antonio and Austin. If the speed limit increases to 85 mph, that stretch of road…
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