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Did Uber and Lyft’s Departure From Austin Cause This Spike in DWIs?

On May 9th, Uber and Lyft shut down their ride hailing apps in response to voters shutting down Proposition 1, a bill that would allow drivers to bypass traditional taxi service screening processes. While other apps, such as GetMe or Ride Austin, have sprung up to replace Uber and Lyft, the prices are more steep and there are longer wait…
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What Does the Exit of Uber and Lyft Mean For Austin?

Over the past two weekends, Austinites received a shock when many downtown were left stranded at 2:00 a.m., unable to hail a ride home. They stood on the side of the street, arms held high in desperation as cabs passed them by, already filled with passengers. Those who were lucky enough to hail a cab grumbled at the steep prices….
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