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What Does a Stolen Heart Have to Do With Texas Medical Malpractice Reform?

As if suing for medical malpractice wasn’t hard enough in Texas, a Texas Supreme Court ruling last month just made it even more difficult. The ruling increased state limitations on medical malpractice lawsuits by declaring that though a corpse is not technically a patient, the examinations of a deceased body can still be subject to Texas medical malpractice rules and…
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How Did This Austin Toddler Die at the Dentist?

In an earlier blog post, we wrote about a 4-year-old who visited her local dentist in Houston and lost her life in an unimaginable way at a routine dentist visit. And just last week, a second child’s life has been lost while at a Texas dentist office. Except this time, the dentist was located in Austin. When a 26-year-old mother…
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Can Doctors Face Medical Malpractice When Their Patient Causes an Accident?

Imagine this scenario. You’re driving home after work and a car in the opposite lane veers into traffic and hits your car, causing you to spin out. Your car is totaled and you’ve sustained injuries. It’s a bad day. Later, you find out the driver who injured you was treated for pain just before the accident and was given pain…
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