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What Are an Employer’s Duties on Black Friday?

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, an employer has a duty to protect their employees from recognized hazards that could cause serious injuries or death. Some employer responsibilities include providing employees with proper safety training for various situations, actively evaluating workplace conditions and establishing health and safety procedures. These duties should be enhanced on Black Friday when…
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Accidents Occur When OSHA Regulations Are Ignored

There was a construction collapse Monday, March 23, in downtown Raleigh when the scaffolding fell to the ground, killing three construction workers and leaving another seriously injured. The unnecessary loss of life is tragic, and instances like these can potentially be avoided if employers and construction site managers had provided a safe working environment, trained their employees properly and followed…
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Worker’s compensation cost the nation billions

Many Americans remember the recent fertilizer plant explosions in West, Texas that took place only last month. The massive explosion created devastation to the small Texas town injuring hundreds and causing an estimated $100 million in property damage. It is also a worker’s compensation nightmare for the company. The explosion left 15 people killed and officials have been talking about the need…
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