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What Qualities Should I Look for When Hiring a Lawyer?

When looking for a good lawyer, what qualities should I be looking for? Austin personal injury attorney Aaron Allison answers in this video. For more information, call (512) 474-8346. Video Transcription: You want to hire a lawyer that is an expert in his field. You want to hire a lawyer who has years of experience in injury law and has…
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Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

After suffering from a personal injury, you will most likely begin searching for legal representation. It is important to evaluate each attorney that you meet, assessing both their strengths and weaknesses. However, each attorney that you meet will be conducting their own evaluation of your case’s potential. There are many reasons why a personal injury lawyer would choose to not…
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What is the City of Austin Doing to Reduce the Number of Pedestrian Accidents?

Last year was called “the deadliest year for Austin drivers,” and for a good reason. More than 100 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, 30 of which were involved in pedestrian accidents. As of July 9th, 34 people have lost their lives this year, the most recent of which was a 40-year-old man who died in a North Austin…
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