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Defective product may lead to product liability lawsuit

When residents of Austin, Texas, buy products, they tend to believe the products are safe and free from defects. But some of these items may have defects that may cause harm or injuries. If a person is hurt by a defective product, they may file a product liability suit against the liable parties. Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against an ice…
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How Do You Make Sure Child Passengers Stay Safe?

This week, September 16 – 22, is Child Passenger Safety Week. It is a perfect time to make sure that your children are riding in the correct car seat. Unfortunately, car accidents are the number one cause of deaths for children 1 to 12 years old in the United States. One way to reduce the number of children killed in auto accidents…
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Water Safety During the Hot Texas Summer

As the summer temperatures reach the triple digits this week, many in Austin will be looking to cool off in a nearby pool or lake. Swimming pools allow Austin residents to enjoy the outdoors during the hot summer, but safety must be a priority. On June 13, a local man swam the length of Lake Austin to raise awareness for…
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