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Austin Woman Injured by Falling Office Depot Structure

It’s a beautiful, if a little breezy, Saturday afternoon and you are out with the family at the outlet mall picking up some new threads, maybe stopping at the juice stand for a smoothie. Everything is going well. The kids are behaving, the spouse is restraining the urge to splurge on a new 4K television and BAM. You fall to…
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Faulty Hose Causes Worker to Drown to Death, Family Files Claim

A lawsuit alleging a man drowned after being struck by a hose on-the-job has been transferred out of Jefferson County. On September 13, a judge granted the motion to transfer the case to Parker County in Weatherford, Texas. The deceased man’s family filed a lawsuit in February in Jefferson County District Court against National Pump and Compressor, Caprock Energy Services…
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Longview Woman Bitten by Bat at Home Depot Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

A shopper has filed a lawsuit stating that she suffered severe mental anguish and injury after being bitten by a bat at a Home Depot in Longview. The accident happened in January of 2013 while the woman was shopping at a Home Depot store. The woman stated that she was bitten by a bat after she picked up a cinder…
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Slip and fall myths may save Austin residents from injuries

Injuries happen every day to many Austin residents. From spraining an ankle to getting a paper cut, injuries are part of life, but are also usually preventable. One of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the America is from slips and falls. In fact, more than 25,000 people lost their life to a slip and fall accident in 2009….
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Student injured by Texas school theater prop

A 16-year-old Boerne High School student was recently injured while he was attempting to flip a page of a 12-foot yearbook, which was a prop for a school musical. The wooden yearbook, which stood more than twice the student’s height, and weighed about 500 pounds, fell over on top of him. The accident caused multiple injuries, including a compound fracture…
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