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School Bus Seat Belt Laws Proposed in Texas

In September of 2015, a school bus in Houston drove off an overpass and plunged 21 feet to the road below. Two children died and two others were seriously injured. None of the children on the bus were wearing seat belts. For the last decade or so, lawmakers in Texas have been fighting for seat belts on school buses, but…
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Devastating Bus Crash Kills Two, Injures 18

When a big vehicle hits a small vehicle, the result is often devastating. When two big vehicles collide – well, you get the picture. Two deaths and several injuries resulted from a recent truck crash in North Texas. A bus carrying the Mount Pleasant High School track team was driving near a town about 100 miles away from Dallas when…
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What Caused This North Austin School Bus Accident?

Last year, an Austin Independent School District bus was carrying 31 students on north IH-35. Witnesses said a burgundy car struck the side of the school bus, which caused the school bus tire to explode. The bus driver lost control and hit a van and a delivery truck before smashing into a light pole. The burgundy car struck a tree…
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