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How Should I Feel After My First Meeting With a Lawyer?

You should feel comfortable after your first meeting with a lawyer. Austin personal injury attorney Aaron Allison discusses what you should expect in this video. For more information, call (512) 474-8346. Video Transcription: When you come to see a lawyer for the first time, whether you’re injured on the job or you’re injured in a car accident or a trucking…
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The Importance of a Personal Injury Demand Letter

If you have suffered an injury and are filing a personal injury claim, then you have likely come across the term “demand letter.” Demand letters let the insurance company know that you have a legal claim against the defendant and are often the first step in formal settlement negotiations. A demand letter should include the facts of your case and…
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Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

Last June, a man was installing a windshield on a car in Austin when he heard a hissing sound and a vibration coming from his pocket. And then, boom. His e-cigarette had exploded in his pocket and he suffered severe burns on his thigh that made walking difficult. He could not return to work for several weeks following the incident….
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School Bus Crash in North Austin as Academic Year Gets Underway

Pictures of kindergarteners getting on the bus for the first time are frequent Facebook posts at this time of the year. As kids go off to school, some parents worry whether personally driving their children to school is a safer alternative to the school bus. To add to worries this week in North Austin, emergency crews responded to a school…
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University of Texas Student Killed While Getting Off Bus

A second tragic pedestrian death was recently reported in the City of Austin. A student exiting a bus was killed when he stumbled and fell under the bus. According to the Statesman, the fatal pedestrian accident was the 24th traffic fatality this year in the city. Last year, at the same time, there were 15 traffic fatalities. The accident occurred when a…
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