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Austin University Helps Neuro Patients Walk Again

Paralysis is a devastating condition that is often permanent. It is a common occurrence after serious spinal cord injuries such as broken necks or backs. Therapy for paralyzed patients is often fairly limited, but that doesn’t stop researchers from pursuing a greater treatment for victims of paralysis. Enter the SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer, recently installed at the University…
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The Hazards Above Our Heads: What Do You Do if a Fallen Cable Causes a Car Crash?

Car accidents have dozens of preventable causes, from drunk driving to distracted driving to defective auto parts and more. But sometimes, the completely unthinkable, unpredictable happens and you suffer injuries in an accident you never could have seen coming. Perhaps a deer runs into the road and totals your car. Maybe the fog or rain is so thick that you…
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