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Does Signing a Waiver Really Prevent Me from Suing a Business?

A Buda father is considering a lawsuit against iPlay, a South Austin amusement center that offers inflatable recreational indoor activities. The father’s son was bouncing in the back of an inflatable castle when he fell through a 2-foot hole onto the concrete floor underneath the castle. The son started screaming and when his father found him, he was visibly shaken…
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Decision to Award Injured Texas Worker Lifetime Benefits Dependent on “Imbecility”

In 2008, a Texas worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury is eligible for a lifetime of workers’ compensation benefits. While his severe brain injury should be enough to receive these benefits in and of itself, the Texas appellate court considered his eligibility based on the crudest factor: the level of “imbecility” the man has sustained. According to the report,…
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Austin Motor Vehicle Accidents May Lead to Traumatic Brain Injury

New research is seeking to develop better diagnostic procedures to detect mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Army is underwriting the research program, but any diagnostic and treatment advances from the program will improve care for everyone from kids injured playing high school sports to those injured in car accidents. Many injured in motor vehicle accidents suffer mild to severe TBI injuries….
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