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Whose Fault Are Truck Accidents? Part 4: Proportionate Responsibility

Truck accidents are often the fault of the truck driver, but not always. There are some circumstances where the driver of another vehicle is to blame. But even in those cases, it is sometimes possible for the other driver to seek damages from the truck driver. This is because Texas has what is known as a proportionate responsibility (also known…
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Whose Fault Are Truck Accidents? Part 2: The Trucking Company

While many truck accidents are due to driver error, this does not mean that the driver is the only party liable. In some circumstances, it can actually be the trucking company who is at fault. There is a legal doctrine with a funny sounding name called “respondeat superior.” This means “let the superior make answer” in Latin. What this means…
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What Caused This Austin Truck Accident Involving Three Semi-Trucks?

Earlier this month, the northbound lanes of Interstate 35 near the Oltorf exit were shut down for six hours after an Austin truck accident involving three semi-trucks occurred, spilling fuel onto the highway. According to reports from the Austin Police Department, they arrived on the scene to find one semi-truck wedged against the concrete median and another rig, while the…
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