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Truck-pedestrian accident near Austin kills teenage boy

Austin residents might have witnessed the devastating outcome of road accidents involving trucks. Truck accidents often occur due to negligence and recklessness of drivers. As a result, truck drivers should take extra care and caution to ensure road safety. Recently, a teenager was struck by a truck in Leander, Texas. An 18-wheeler struck the victim, causing fatal injuries. The teenage victim was…
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Austin pickup truck crash results in 1 teen’s death, 4 injuries

Some residents of Austin, Texas, likely have witnessed the devastating outcome of accidents caused by heavy vehicles. In some cases, truck drivers do not follow the rules of the road and consequently cause fatal accidents. Take for example a recent pickup truck accident here in Austin. Local police say that officers spotted a pickup driving with its headlights off, which they also…
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New Safety Measures to Prevent Truck Rollover Accidents

Safety systems already standard in passenger cars will be required on large trucks and buses under a proposed federal regulation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants manufacturers to install electronic stability control systems in all new trucks and buses. Computer-controlled brakes can reduce the number of fatal trucking accidents, as well as tragic bus and motorcoach rollovers. Commercial vehicles sit…
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