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Why Have Texas Workers’ Compensation Costs Significantly Dropped?

Texas has many unique and successful businesses, and they all rely on their employees to work hard and stay safe in a protected environment. Workers’ compensation is tool for businesses to provide coverage for their employees in case of injuries on the job. However, workers’ comp can be expensive, and many businesses struggle with keeping up with it financially. Fortunately,…
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How Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Calculated?

How are workers’ comp benefits calculated, and how much are injured workers entitled to? Your income benefits are calculated based on your average weekly wage (AWW). To figure out your average weekly wage, you add your earnings for the 13 weeks prior to the injury, including things like overtime, other special pay and any non-pecuniary wages (wages that aren’t in…
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Insurance Company Mistakes in Documentation Could Doom Your Workers Comp Claim

Last year, a Houston truck driver submitted his workers comp claim to Texas courts in order to receive benefits that have been denied to him for years. His company’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is not denying him because he was not injured or it suspects fraud. Rather, he is being denied because his employers and their insurance company failed to…
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